I decided to quickly throw a list of my Android apps together.

  • Tapmote: a natural and convenient way of controlling music on a smartphone. To be released on Google Play soon.
  • slft inventory: lets salespersons quickly check to current inventory. Search for model, article number, size or EAN (via barcode scan). Display alternative colors. Released January 15th
  • PocketBee: a multimodal, ubiquitous tool for conducting diary studies and Experience Sampling Methods (ESM). Research project during my M.Sc. and PhD time in collaboration with the Customer Research Center of Daimler. Dedicated server experiencing occasional problems (out of my hands now). See project page in the meantime.
  • Gallery Excluder: hide unwanted media from the gallery app by placing .nomedia files in selectable directories. Unpublished since several complaints about lost media files. This was due to a bug in Android OS that I also pointed out in the app’s description. However, seems that most users don’t read descriptions. 41,058 downloads, 4.00/5.00 average rating.
  • SquidyClient: send touch & hardware-sensor data via UDP to the Squidy Interaction Library. 2,400 downloads, 4.50/5.00 average rating.

Wow, it’s been a while. Writing a blog as such seems not to be exactly my cup if tea. Anyways, I just need a place to host the screenshots I guess. Let it be here…

slft inventory is a simple, yet powerful search app for the salespersons working in the Soulfoot sneaker store, Konstanz.

Here’s their problem: they are running an actual (physical) store as well as a webstore. Since both stores access the same inventory it is often not evident what it is stock and what not. This is especially true for different sizes and colors of the same model. When a salesperson is serving a customer he regularly has to check on those things. He used to have two options for this: try to get access to usually occupied computer or take a walk to the warehouse. Both actions require him to leave his customer for a while. Not ideal.

Here’s their solution: slft inventory allows them the check their inventory without leaving the customer by using their smartphone. Searching (w/ recent search history) by model, article-number, make, size, or EAN (by simply scanning the barcode) quickly reveals all available sizes (EU & US) and price as well as available alternative colors. Easy, quick, efficient. Customer wins, shop wins.

Click one of the screenshots for all pictures

Photo Set

God, you are so beautiful


Near perfection in a useable custom for the street. Awesome balance in the use of colours. Light and manoeuvrable.

Built by a friend of the Wrenchmonkees and currently for sale.

I know someone who should build this. James, lets do it!


Just released an update to both versions of Gallery Excluder to Android Market. It now makes use of a little trick to be operable on Ice Cream Sandwich. Check it out now

Photo Set


Kara now has a place to store her makeup. Love those saddlebags!

Source: thetarantulas

As most will have noticed, ICS does not play nice with .nomedia files. Exclude as much as you want, ICS and MediaScanner just don’t seem to care. Why? I don’t have a fucking clue. But as much as Google created a bug with Android 2.X that sometimes deleted media files after one placed a .nomedia file in the directory, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another bug. What now?

We might just sit it out and hope for Google to address the issue. If you’re patient. Hell, I ain’t patient. So here’s a temporary solution a.k.a. dirty little hack:

clear data via App info for Media Storage (Settings -> Apps -> All -> Media Storage)

That’s pretty much it. Just a little background: if you created an empty directory and placed a .nomedia file in it before adding any media files you’d be good. However, if you add media prior to .nomedia files you’re screwed since the Media Scanner does not seem to reindex. So clearing data of Media Storage is the only way to make it work.

Now all credit for this workaround goes to aelfwyne who posted this here. Thanks, mate


Gallery Excluder dev thread @xda-developers

In case someone feels the need to talk about the app, do it there


Since people keep asking about a donate version of Gallery Excluder: now there is one. Find it on the Android Market. It’s similiar to the ad-supported version except for the ads. So if you don’t like ads just get the donate version.

Available in Android Market